Liongate Manor, Pasadena

The Premier Gala will be hosted at Liongate Manor.

The evening will feature an array of Ambient Performances, Live Music, an exclusive VIP area, outstanding auctions and samplings from the finest local restaurants & caterers. This year’s theme, “Masquerade” will have Cirque du Soleil style entertainment.

Thrive Tribe Foundation is proud to announce this year’s Honoree for the ​”Thrive Tribe Humanitarian Advocate Award”​ goes to ​Bruce Gerald Vilanch.

TTF is proud to announce this year’s Media Award to the Logo Network and Producer Brian Graden http://www.logotv.com/ for producing the show Finding Prince Charming finding-prince-charming-contestant-comes-out-hiv-positive Contestant Eric Leonardos comes out to all with his HIV Positive status. This raw and emotional episode is a “stand-out” moment for publicly embracing his HIV Positive diagnosis while raising awareness and helping end the Stigma.

TTF will also present an HIV Activist Award to Eric Leonardos for his work in the LGBTQ community.

Special Guests

Actor Rex Lee, best known for his roles in the TV series Entourage and Young & Hungry.


Sasha Colby

Former Miss Continental 2012, Sasha loves to reach out to our community with events such as this and give back to a community that molded her into the Trans Woman she is today. https://www.facebook.com/sashacolbyfan/

(European X-Factor Finalist), International Pop Singer & Writer https://www.instagram.com/davemessmusic/?hl=en&mc_cid=a5fed31c8e&mc_eid=7c66437f00

an American actor known for his role as Doctor Phlox on the television series Star Trek: Enterprise . https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Billingsley

an American actress, best known for her role as​ ​Diane Beckman​ ​in the​ ​NBC​ ​series Chuck.​ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonita_Friedericy

Talent Lineup!

Miss Spent Youth of Babylon Cabaret

Burlesque performances by the Miss Spent Youth of Babylon Cabaret her Cleopatra number will leave you breathless.  http://www.babyloncabaret.com/

Alan Price

Electro Violinist who studied at ​Berklee School of Music and the Duke Ellington School Of Performing Arts​ is a crowd favorite where ever he goes. http://network.online.berklee.edu/members/50208

Mari Saito

Stunt Woman, Stilt Walker, Contortionist, Ballerina. She will leave you in amazement at every performance. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU6uWlbSbwY

Big Butter Jazz Band

Take a trip back in time with Vintage tunes Big Butter Jazz Band https://www.bigbutterjazzband.com

Purchase Your Tickets

Join us as we celebrate in style for our 20th Annual Big Night Out Gala!

Liongate Manor, designed and built in 1948 by renowned architect Paul Williams. Under the ownership of this year’s hosts, Graham and Gretchen Lewis, Liongate Manor has been expanded from a 5,000-square-foot California ranch house to a 12,500-square-foot English manor house.